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Hey everyone 👋
Welcome to   #iamfreeCodeCamp, a movement to raise awareness for the open source community!!
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When we started this quest in February 2021, we presented it as a triple challenge in the form of: "Donate, mentor and meet".
As time has passed by, we've started to put more emphasis on mentoring, as it's our best outcome.
If you're curious about our story, here's theblog postthat originated this idea.
In spite of that we still want to encourage you to  donate  to freeCodeCamp non-profit or to get to know one another! We also want you to have FUN and mingle with the community!!!
Quincy  and the freeCodeCamp team, surrounded by all freeCodeCamp's amazing community have been doing a great job raising donations!
freeCodeCamp is building a Data Science Curriculum with Advanced Mathematics and Machine Learning. Check the article  here  if you're interested in finding out more about it!
The Challenges
💰  Donate
You choose if you want to donate $5, $50 or $500. What's really important here is that you keep donating every month in a consistent way.
Tweet monthly about your donation and about the importance of being freeCodeCamp
Use the tags #iamfreeCodeCamp, #freeCodeCamp and the handlers @freeCodeCamp and @iamfreecodecamp
This way we can motivate more and more people to do it with us. Every penny counts, so no matter how much you donate, it's making that contribution that counts.
🧑‍🏫  Mentor Students
Make yourself available to mentor a student via a one-to-one meeting for an hour every other week.
You choose if you want to mentor one or more students. What's important here is to provide some guidance and answer in a more intimate way questions students might have, whether it be about learning to code, changing careers, jobs, skills or age related.
You can share your stories, prescribe a good book, a good talk.
Motivate people, make them fly!
Tweet monthly about it! We want to know about your mentoring experience and about your students' progress! Above all, be positive!
Use the tags #iamfreeCodeCamp, #freeCodeCamp and the handlers @freeCodeCamp and @iamfreecodecamp
This way, we can provide more personal support to help people overcome the growing pains of learning to code.
🙃  Meet alumni
Make yourself available to meet other alumni.
Maybe together you might come up with great ideas, projects, a job for a student. Networking is fun and when people are still locked down because of the pandemic, it's the perfect alternative to the water cooler.
Tweet about it! Give a shout-out to your new friend and always be thankful for the amazing opportunity!!
Use the tags #iamfreeCodeCamp, #freeCodeCamp and the handlers @freeCodeCamp and @iamfreecodecamp
members of team
Eduardo Vedes
Self-taught developer, career changes (prev. Civil Engineer)
Focused on the JavaScript ecosystem.
Frontend Engineer at
freeCodeCamp Advocate, Tech Writer, iamfreeCodeCamp founder and mentor.
members of team
Can Ural
Self-taught developer, career changer (prev. helicopter pilot).
Focused on JavaScript, React and self-improvement.
Full-stack Developer
iamfreeCodeCamp team member and mentor.
members of team
Eduardo Vedes
I'm a Software Engineer born in the South of Portugal (1980). I'm the husband of a beautiful wife and father of three amazing daughters. If you want to know more about me feel free to do it on You might also be interested in knowing how I went from Civil Engineer to Web Developer using freeCodeCamp to learn to code.
members of team
Can Ural
I am Can, a Full Stack Developer. Previously, a Helicopter Pilot.
Yes, you read that right. I am a Helicopter Pilot changing careers. I always loved "playing" with computers; breaking them, fixing them. Now it's time to build things! Great, amazing, eye-catching, different things. I started writing my first line of code in 2019. Since then, I have been coding nearly every day. I am the kind of person that wakes up at night to fix an issue. Or thinks of n possible ways to do something. I'd like to think that I am proactive and hard-working (I think I am, it's just I couldn't prove it to myself yet). One last thing... I never stop. Never stop learning, never stop improving myself.
members of team
Dan Bloch
Hello, I'm Dan, a front-end developer-in-waiting who's also arrived here after changing careers. After 23 years as a reporter and in production for business magazines, I took voluntary redundancy in September 2020 and I've been learning to code ever since. The past year has highlighted more than ever the inevitability of change – and how it's vital we embrace it. I'm interested in languages, people, travel, history, music, film and politics. Don't know what the collective noun for owls is? Look it up!